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Keyword Research Concepts

Keyword Research Concepts

By Jay Stockwell | Published 10/4/2005 | Keyword Research Articles |


I think we need to take a few minutes to remind ourselves of some important concepts that relate to Keyword Research. It's easy to get caught up in the Keyword Research hype and overlook some of the core concepts and assumptions that all Keyword Research is based upon.

Let me say from the outset that this isnít an exact science, and it certainly isnít perfect. We're trying to pull out a bunch of information based on limited and often flawed data. In the same way that stockbrokers use existing data and tools to try to best guess what the market is going to do, we keyword researchers are doing a similar thing. Thank goodness Keyword Research is a lot easier than trying to best guess the stock market!

I will outline some important concepts and assumptions that you should have clearly in mind before you begin your Keyword Research. Even if you have been doing Keyword Research for years, it is worthwhile reviewing these concepts as a reminder of what foundation we're building our research upon.

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