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Latest Keyword Research Posts

Full Review of the new AffiloBlueprint

By Reena Shohet | Published 04/24/2009 | All The Reviews |

Researching keywords is an essential step, but take a step back and how do you find the market that you should research those keywords for in the first place?

Finding profitable niche markets is an art in itself!

Super affiliate Mark Ling (the brains behind Affilorama) now earns over $1 million a year on a variety of niche affiliate sites. Many of which he has no interest or knowledge in, nor wants to :)

He's got a proven method that he re-uses, finding a niche, setting up the website, letting it earn money while he moves onto mine the next profitable niche.

There are two stand-outs in his method for me. Diversifying means you don't have all your eggs in the one basket financially, and the repeatable formula means you can keep going and growing your income without any limitations.

Late last year, in front of a live audience, Mark recorded himself going through the entire process, from finding the market, to setting up the website, to growing the income once it was established. This became the first incarnation of AffiloBlueprint, the flagship course of Affilorama.

Now AffiloBlueprint 2 has been streamlined and expanded on, to help the next intake of students turn the internet into their primary source of income.

Is it for you? Take a look inside AffiloBlueprint and find out here.

Google Cash Detective 2 Review

By Jay Stockwell | Published 03/10/2009 | All The Reviews |

I've just review Google Cash Detective over at It's really changing the whole affiliate game. At least the PPC side of things.

I just don't know if it's fair? :)

What do you think?

See what I've discovered here in my Google Cash Detective Review.

Top 5 Spy Tool Advantages: Ispionage Review

Imagine knowing exactly which keywords and ads are working for your competitors. How much more powerful would your PPC marketing be?

Not only could you stop wasting money, but you could expand your profits big time.

Read how to gain the top 5 advantages of spy tools so that you can carve out your competitive lead. Thanks to Ispionage, you can see exactly how this advanced “intel” is now at your fingertips.

Find out your top 5 competition killers now.

3 Critical PPC Mistakes

By Jay Stockwell | Published 10/14/2008 | Keyword Research Articles |

Here's some quick, compulsory reading for all affiliate marketers using (or trying to use) PPC to make sales.

It's a free report on 3 critical mistakes that separates the folks making massive money and those barely scraping by.

It provides some really insightful info based on real world experience from a $2.4 million a year super affiliate.

They are giving away this solid and inspiring info as a bribe to check out their new low priced PPC course that launches tomorrow.

Check to see if you're making any of these critical mistakes.

If you want to see a full, comprehensive PPC Classroom review click here.

If you're interested in buying the course, don't forget to check out our PPC Classroom bonuses here. They're important if you're going to succeed in this game.

P.S. - As you go into this week, rise above the doom and gloom the media bombards you with. Remember, you go where you look. Keep your eyes fixed on your goals and dreams.

Keyword Magic Professional Review

By Craig Cahill | Published 06/29/2008 | All The Reviews |

If you're looking for a subscription-free research tool that saves you time and brain strain, look no further than Keyword Magic Professional.

It might be brand new to the keyword industry, but this tool has "unquestionable" data accuracy and makes keyword research fast and easy.

This tool is so good that I've added it to my personal keyword toolbox. Here's the review from my thorough test run.

Featured Articles

NicheBOT X Review

By Jay Stockwell | Published 05/26/2008 | All The Reviews |

The original NicheBOT keyword research tool was one of the best free keyword research tools around. This old classic was first pushed aside for the premium NicheBOT v2. And since my review of v2, there have been more improvements, upgrades and a new release - NicheBOT X (the “X” stands for extreme).

It seems that NicheBOT even listened to my feedback because all the features I requested in my review have been included. How's that for a company listening to customer feedback!

So, just how extreme is NicheBOT X?

Keyword Data Is Almost Always Wrong

By Jay Stockwell | Published 12/12/2006 | Keyword Research Articles |

You know what really frustrates me? People who talk about keyword research as if it’s an exact science. Let me give anyone that needs it a “heads up”. Keyword research is not an exact science and shouldn’t be discussed like it is. It’s more of a black art based on skewed and inaccurate datasets. As a result it’s very easy to screw up.

NicheBOT V2 Full Review

By Jay Stockwell | Published 12/12/2006 | All The Reviews |

The original NicheBOT keyword research tool was one of the best free keyword research tools around. This old classic has now been pushed aside to make room for the new and improved NicheBOT V2. I decided to take this shiny new keyword research tool for a run to see if it lives up to the high expectations many had for it. Here’s what I found.

Keyword Domination Full Review

By Jay Stockwell | Published 05/10/2006 | All The Reviews |

I recently heard about a new keyword research tool that Keith Baxter released called Keyword Domination. I am a subscriber to his Stealth Traffic Secrets private site within which he constantly shares fantastic information. I reckon he is one guy you should watch closely as he is very successful in what he does. He is prolific in trying new things out and is on the cutting edge of the latest techniques that work.

Here is my full review of his new keyword research tool.

Keyword Elite Full Review

By Jay Stockwell | Published 04/7/2006 | All The Reviews |

Keyword Elite attracted some pretty high profile attention recently. I was intrigued by the promotion surrounding this piece of software by one of the biggest names in Internet marketing, John Reese. I had seen it before, but due to other commitments didn’t have a chance to look more closely at it. I knew it must be good if someone with such a high profile was promoting it. But I kept thinking... Yeah but how good?

Here's what I found when I took at look at it.

Keyword Country Full Review

By Jay Stockwell | Published 10/5/2005 | All The Reviews |

Keyword Country is an interesting service that has taken a very serious approach to maximizing your profits from AdSense. There are quite a few keyword lists that claim to give you the highest paying AdSense keywords. Many of these tend to top out at about 100,000 keywords, don’t provide much of an interface to search on and become stale very quickly. Keyword Country has gone the extra metaphorical mile and has a huge list that is 60 times bigger than many other guys’ with over 6.52 million keywords and growing. Quite a feat! They say they are constantly expanding.

(Updated 8th of April, 2006).

Keyword Research Concepts

By Jay Stockwell | Published 10/4/2005 | Keyword Research Articles |

I think we need to take a few minutes to remind ourselves of some important concepts that relate to Keyword Research. It's easy to get caught up in the Keyword Research hype and overlook some of the core concepts and assumptions that all Keyword Research is based upon.

Introduction to Keyword Research

By Jay Stockwell | Published 10/2/2005 | Keyword Research Articles |

Keyword Research describes the practise of looking at what users are searching for and how they search for it on the Internet. More specifically, Keyword Research helps us understand the types of things people are trying to find, as well as the words they’re using.

This article gives a general overview on the basics of Keyword Research.